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Science and Technology Prize

We select and award scientists and engineers who have greatly contributed to research related to Korea’s chemistry and materials, and the development of technologies and academics, to enhance their pride as scientists and engineers and boost their morale and contribute to the development of science and technology.

Introduction to award winners

  • Basic areas
      Professor Minhaeng Cho has received global attention in the fields of ultrashort spectroscopy, coherent multidimensional spectroscopy and molecular imaging for his theories and experimental studies on the interactions between light and matter. He has achieved excellent research accomplishments in the field of molecular science, which identifies the structure and dynamics of biomolecules.

      His work on multidimensional spectroscopy, quantum spectroscopy using quantum entanglement, molecular imaging using photothermal phenomena and imaging using interferometric scattering has already reached a world-class level, leading to more subsequent studies.

      More recently, at the Center for Molecular Spectroscopy and Dynamics under the Institute for Basic Science, he developed a new experimental tool that enables the observation of tiny molecules in real time and grafted infrared and visual rays to demonstrate the possibility of imaging specific chemical substances in cells, and also succeeded in developing an interferometric-scattering microscopy to capture the independent movement of one nanometer-sized protein molecule.

  • Applications
      Professor Sooyoung Park established basic theories on electrical conductivity, photophysics and photochemistry in the fields of organic electron materials and photofunctional materials, and realized synthesis based on molecular design, with excellent research accomplishments in the development of innovative optoelectronic materials.

      In particular, he established theories on the expression of optoelectronic characteristics, designed and synthesized new substances, and has received global attention for his innovative work on high-performance devices. He also announced AIEE(Aggregation-Induced Enhanced Emission), an original theory on improving the solid-state fluorescent characteristics of molecular substances, and related substances for the first time in the world, elevating the level of studies in relevant fields.

      He also announced a method for completely blocking energy transfer between molecular substances, a method for designing functional molecules and the mechanism of coupling the supramolecular crystals of molecular substances and controlling fluorescent characteristics, for the first time in the academia, suggesting a new paradigm in the basic chemical theories and applications of photophysics.