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Science and Technology Prize

We select and award scientists and engineers who have greatly contributed to research related to Korea’s chemistry and materials, and the development of technologies and academics, to enhance their pride as scientists and engineers and boost their morale and contribute to the development of science and technology.

Introduction to award winners

  • Basic areas
      Chair Prof. Wonwoo Nam is a global leader who greatly contributed to the development of oxygen chemistry and enzyme mimetics in bioinorganic chemistry through biomimetic research using enzyme mimics and raised the level of domestic research.

      In particular, he proved that it is possible to control the structure of intermediates and reactivity due to changes in the coordinate environment in the chemical reaction of oxygenase by determining the presence and shape of intermediates that appear for a very short time in the chemical reaction of enzymes and then disappear. He also helped develop an understanding of life phenomena and laid the foundation for the development of an artificial enzyme system that mimics vital reactions.

      Recently, he published unrivaled research results in oxygen chemistry, e.g. devoting himself to research on metal-oxo species using Late Transition Metal and research on the generation of oxygen-oxygen bonds that occur in the photosystem, thereby contributing to enhancing the level and awareness of Korean science and technology.

  • Applications
      Prof. Kilwon Cho is recognized as a leading researcher in directed self-assembly of organic semiconductors, and has also produced international research results, e.g. manufacturing the semiconductive polymer self-assembled nanowire for the first time in the world.

      As a result, it has become possible to develop an organic transistor with charge-carrier mobility, by which the flexible electronic materials and devices technology for next-generation flexible displays was greatly advanced. His research results were published in 410 papers. The total number of citations is 19,680, and the H-index is 76. His research has a high level of academic impact and is regarded as being in the top 1% fundamental studies in SCI citation rate.

      Prof. Kilwon Cho is currently taking the lead in research on next-generation flexible electronic materials and devices as Director of the Center for Advanced Soft Electronics (organized to conduct researches on original technologies) of the Ministry of Science and ICT, sparing no effort to train young students, and contributing to the development of Korean science and technology.