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Science and Technology Prize

We select and award scientists and engineers who have greatly contributed to research related to Korea’s chemistry and materials, and the development of technologies and academics, to enhance their pride as scientists and engineers and boost their morale and contribute to the development of science and technology.

Introduction to award winners

  • Basic areas
      Professor Juyoung Yoon is internationally recognized as a normal researcher in research that designs and synthesizes fluorescent probes that can selectively detect key substances in vivo and establishes recognition mechanisms.

      In particular, the results of a study published in 2009 in J.Am.Chem.Soc, one of the top papers in the chemical field, that can selectively fluoro ATP by introducing a fluorescence-inducing pyrene group, were selected as the only domestic researcher in 10 papers selected by JACS in recognition of its importance.

      Professor Juyoung Yoon is actively engaged in external activities such as the Fellow of the British Chemical Society, the British Chemical Society and the Advisory Board Member of the American Chemical Society.

  • Applications
      Professor Doo Sung Lee has achieved world-class research in biomaterials and drug delivery by developing high-molecular-based nanoparticles and bioinjective gel for biomedical medical applications to treat incurable diseases such as cancer, stroke and diabetes.

      In addition to hydrogel, we recently developed stimulation-adaptive Mycells, polymerzoms and hybrid nanoparticles, and discovered a function that enables precise diagnosis through intravenous injections to selectively deliver drugs to disease areas or by releasing physical and chemical signals.

      He has contributed greatly to the development of bio-materials by working as the head of the government-organized High-Polecular Research Center for Diagnosis and Treatment of Leading Research Centers and constantly striving to maximize performance through cooperative research.